From this hill from which Francis of Assisi spoke to mankind through his work, from this hill from which the energies of Francis radiate out onto mankind, I speak to you, friends and disciples, for in you I identify mankind.[1]


It is time that men remembered the Everlasting’s admonition: the “clear and evident signs” are multiplying and call people towards that path that they have abandoned, and which must be returned to and followed.


The Franciscan movement cannot remain by itself like a splendid gem in the strongbox of a wealthy man. It is necessary that this dazzling jewel should project its rays, its radiations, onto mankind, kindling them, communicating to them its own prerogatives; that is to say that it is necessary for men to understand first the summons of Christ and then the summons of Francis. No longer barriers between individual and individual, no longer barriers between country and country, but a single quantity indissolubly bound together by the power of Love which makes men brothers. It is necessary to attain to this: woe betide him that fails to understand the profundity of the admonition!


The masses evolved and still evolve today, but with a tendency to slow down the movement, while time is running out and the movement must be accelerated: the summons may be imminent and when it comes the peoples must be joined in fellowship.


This sentiment that drives individuals towards domination must disappear.


Equality must hold sway.


All that I say to you refers to both the substantial movement and to the human movement, the human movement is necessarily the outcome, the mirror of the substantive movement. Those that receive the gift of the higher Bread, must multiply the gift and distribute it, that is they must affect the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes: feed the peoples, make known to them the Truth in its One form!


From this movement of understanding, from this higher understanding, equality amongst the peoples must and undoubtedly will spring.


By “equality” I do not mean absolute value. Society also has unrenounceable necessities, distinctions that cannot be destroyed without harming society itself. But these distinctions, not castes but social differences, must not be implemented in ways and degrees that provoke disharmonies, meaning differences of potential, but correctly related to greater or lesser knowledge, greater or lesser degrees of human potential.


If I say that the movement of wisdom is bound up with the human movement, it is certain that I am not wrong. Christ spoke to humanity and said, working:


“Let poverty rule for all”


Francis reaffirmed the Christic concept:


“Let poverty rule for all”.


Is it possible that in time, where the movement is based on bargaining, on supply and demand, the money coefficient is not altered, if the supply or demand come from different parts and in different quantities? No.


It is necessary for there to be a variation and it is necessary for this variation to exist because the absolute of the negative, that is the total lack of money, would destroy the environment in your age. On the other hand, it is necessary that this distinction should exist, for money must be used wisely by him that obtains it to pass, through the metamorphosis of labour, towards the less well-to-do. It is necessary to form a chain, an understanding that involves the man that has money and the man that has the ability to produce.


The noted binomial, “Capital-Labour”, must necessarily subsist, but must endure under the aegis of Love. He that has money must have sympathy for the needs of him that gives his labour; he that gives his labour must not ask greater sums of him that has money than he can give.


By this I mean to lead you politically onto an evolutionary plane that meets the Law of Love. Cooperation based on reciprocal understanding, on reciprocal assistance, on reciprocal collaboration; this must be attained but without going to excesses, by the path of reasoning or of knowledge and not by the path of violence.


“Loving one another” means taking the path to reach the goal here marked out. Christ stands before you, the supplier of energy in time, and still today, as all through His life’s journey, and as He has done from all time and will do for all time, He bestows on men His own capacities, His own wisdom, and above all, His own love and His own mercy.


To whom is the task given of fusing together these masses in disharmony in relation to one another?


To whom is the task given of fusing together individuals in disharmony with one another? To whom is the task given of fusing together these nations which strive solely towards a catastrophic domination, towards a disastrous predomination?


It is the task of the Church! And the Church is not asked for a profound analysis of the work it has performed so far, but solely, simply, prayed: be conscious of the ministry that is its duty, be conscious of the legacy left it by Christ; that is to say that the Church  is prayed to make the contribution that it must, by Divine Law, give to mankind: succour of superior wisdom, spiritual assistance in the substantial meaning of the term, comprehension of human errors, not condemnation for all eternity but leading individuals into the sphere of metamorphosis, into the sphere of revision of their past, into the sphere of remorse, that is into the sphere of victory.


To the Church is given the principle task, and should the Church not accept the request, then it will be you, friends, that must emancipate yourselves from the Church and preach in your turn, not to the desert, but to the ardent ones, the word of love sown by Christ and repeated by Francis.


From this hill that still today knows of the sacrifice of the divine Francis, from this hill that still shines today, I invite you once more, without distinction, without regard to social background, without regard to religions, without regard to political interests, interests of status, individual and collective interests, I invite all of you, I say, to gather around  a single ideal, the ideal of peace, the ideal of brotherhood.


Let armaments cease, let the construction of instruments of destruction cease; instead let minds and consciences shape themselves towards the construction of new factors of peace, new factors of harmony, new factors of love.


It is necessary for every nation to have the well-being due to it, and by well-being, I mean the “intellectual quantity” and the “substantial quantity”. The intellectual quantity can be provided by men, all the more brilliantly the more they are in the faith, i.e. the more they are able to draw from the faith the teachings, the incitements, and the energies to progress. To these men I address myself once more, saying: be creators of order. To the other masses, to the masses constantly in a state of ferment because driven to this by trouble-makers, I say: your welfare can spring not from chaos, not from disorder, but it springs, germinates, stems from rhythm, from harmony, from peace, from concord.


Christ preached peace, men must follow the path traced by Christ. It is vain to rebel; the path must be followed, if not at one time then at another time with greater fatigue: why then delay to reach the Goal? In the Name of the Everlasting., in the name and in the memory of Francis His beloved servant, I ask you all, men in time, men in the finite, to gather together, to bury your grudges, hatreds, and national interest to join together under the aegis of a single concern, that of reaching the final Goal, the Father.


May these words serve as an admonition and as an incitement: quicken the movement, preach peace, preach concord, sow the word of love and the word of forgiveness everywhere, be an example of love, of forgiveness and of understanding. All this is necessary, all this sounds for you in the conquest of a good that not all men know but that the Everlasting has promised you: His infinite embrace throughout eternity.





(Francis of Assisi)


 In the Name of the Most High and Mighty Lord, on you His Most High and Divine Blessing.


Glory and praise to the Most High and Mighty Good Lord that willed sorrow aligned in the finite; praise to sorrow when it changes to joy and sorrow is then a precious thing and a good and glorious gift. Joy is a wicked thing and it is, instead, a beautiful and lovely and shining thing when joy is sorrow, is sorrow of remorse, is sorrow of trouble, is tears for error, and all you that are of fair form, of beautiful aspect and distinct, be like your Lord Spirits instead of matter.


Do not gaze upon your form but upon your inner self, and so the soul rising will be able to create in time the perfect thing, the absolute    thing. Be artificers of all good, be artificers of all love. Listen to what I say to you: be generous men, be lovely men, be delicate in understanding, delicate in working and be gentle women and precious as becomes a woman and form a single flower and emanate a single perfume of chastity, of humility, of simplicity.


Praised be the Most High and Most Mighty Good Lord for the goodness that He does to mankind, by bestowing His Mercy.


Praised be the Most High and Most Mighty Good Lord for having given to you men a dear, perfect, harmonious environment that sings the glories, the love, the justice and the power of the Everlasting.


And you, how can you love one another as the Lord loves you?


Listen: the Lord has created everything, has created man and has created his home, the earth. He loves His man and His earth and the Lord cultivates His earth for His mankind and gives us sister water for moisture, brother sun for warmth and sister swallow for music and chirruping and brother tree for its branches and fruit. And you then begin to love the environment, the home; look at all that is around you as if they were so many other creatures.


Do not despise the small, stunted tree to exalt form; speak to this tree, to this water that serves you to drink, speak to the flowers, speak to the fruits, speak to the fishes and the sheep.


Do not forget the wolf of Ogebbio; the fierce beast was not tame, but became so because it heard the true word of love. And so, observing in your home the Blessing given you by the Lord, you will note that all is courteous, that all is gentle, that all is perfect, that all is dear and dignified; and everything having been observed and everything having been loved, you will feel you are brothers of everything. And so, bound to all that is around you, afterwards you will be unable to avoid binding yourselves to your fellows.


Do not look with contempt upon the humble, do not look with contempt upon the simple, do not look with contempt upon the poor, but make the simple, the humble, the poor rich and powerful, and there is no need of money to make them powerful but all that is necessary is to give them all the gifts that the Lord has given you.


And so when you speak to the powerful do not let yourselves be overawed, for you are richer than the rich and more powerful than the powerful, for you believe in the Lord, for you follow the way of the Lord, for you are the servants of the Lord, for you also know that you come from the country of the Lord.


Do not misunderstand me when I say this; you are the flowers of His field and so you have all the effects of this field.


And preach amongst men that there may be peace, and preach that there may be simplicity and to women say that there may be honesty and modesty, the garment that becomes a woman. And prepare supper for the child and may the supper be of bread and of wine, so that he may grow strong, dignified, proud, not with insane pride but with pride of achievement, and so proceeding and day by day ploughing a piece of your field at the end of the day you will have ploughed the whole of your field.


Do not worry even if you do not have the stigmata, the signs of the Divine Redeemer that the Lord deigned to offer His unworthy servant, it is no great matter; you will be able to rise all the same to your Father only provided you are good, only provided you do not think evil, only provided you do not murmur evil.


Praised be the Most High and Mighty Good Lord, praised be on earth and in heaven for eternity. That you may understand this invocation, I will tell you, brothers, that none could breathe without His Mercy. I will tell you, brothers, that none of you could live without His Breath, I will tell you, brothers, that none of you could be fed if He did not first give you His Food.


Here is my Cross; I multiply it, I give it to each one of you; upon each one of you, upon your environment, where you gather in faith, in thought, in the work, I trace the sign of the Redeemer which is the sign of Life Everlasting.


And now for all the prayer of the moment:


In the Name of the Most High and Mighty Good Lord, let us raise prayer to our Father that He keep your enemies, that He may give them peace, that He may give them joy, that He may give them life, that through life they may have the time to reform and repent.


In the Name of the Most High and Mighty Good Lord, be praised in eternity the Father, be praised the Son, be praised the Holy Spirit, that with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit mankind may be quickly saved.


In the Name of the Most High and Mighty Good Lord, praise be to the Sun, praise be to the water, praise be to the air, than permit your life and praised be this life, benign and sweet, for it permits you to gain the throne.


Eternal Peace be with you!







From Assisi I spoke to the world. My words were held in low esteem by the majority, and this shows the lack of evolutionary development of the masses. Others listened to the summons and sought to adapt it to their own interests so as to modify them without causing any harm. Others, finally (and they are the minority) still study my words with the purpose of being able to transform them into a concrete movement, into a device capable of drawing even the hostile masses by its motion.


To them, to those that seem to be working in time for their own vital movement but actually are working for the benefit of mankind, I proffer My aid and this aid consists in further thoughts, in further words that I offer them so that they may make use of them to move away possible new obstacles.


“Words to the world” recalls mankind to the unequivocal and undeferrable need to create a partnership between capital and labour, fusing the two essential terms in the leaven of love and, before that, amalgamating them in reciprocal valuation and understanding. Now I add; to attain to the maturation of this fruit it is necessary that capital and labour, that is the individuals representing the one movement and the other, should finally bare their consciences. The urge that drives an individual must not be the attainment of a certain start of affluence, but rather, and above all, the choice of the path to reach the much-desired affluence; so a path must be chosen that does not drive the less well-to-do, than does not drive “labour” towards the abyss, but that which will prove able to permit the individual to bow down and raise up from the abyss the people that have fallen there.


Utopia? No, it is indispensable only to cause the star, that sets the divine imprint on man, to shine: thought, reason and conscience. Thought and reason are the factors capable of creating the path to reach the goal of affluence, but it is conscience that has obligation to analyse, to take this path beforehand and to judge whether it presents roughnesses that are harmful for the weaker ones.


He that possesses money finds himself perennially in a situation of inferiority with regard to the Law, for the Law says: “Poverty”; and if the Law in its divine plans, in its karmic movements, allows one individual money, tacitly the Law imposes upon this individual, if not to give away money for the benefit of the outcast, then its multiplication in favour of the outcast.


Nothing remains, then, my friends, for those that you call the legislator, the governors, but to make shine ever more brightly the star of conscience, to make remorse vibrate, and all of you in the world are liable to remorse. I speak to the world, I speak to the governors, I speak to the legislators, I speak to the captains of industry, bur I speak to you; I speak  to everyone, and to everyone I say: to attain harmony, to reach, that is, the condition indispensable to achieve the Goal, it is necessary for each one of you to be able to pine in remorse, and before doing so it is necessary that each one of you should be able to evaluate the time he has passed, the past and the present so that tomorrow may not be the same.


Everyone has committed sins towards his fellows, everyone has been unable to forgive, everyone is unmindful of the sublime words of the Only Begotten, addressed on the Cross to the Father: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do to themselves”.


Everyone, in a moment of his earthly day, has set himself up as a judge and as an executioner; now, let everyone learn how to remember that fleeting moment and ransom it through remorse, only remorse will enable you to undergo rehabilitation. “Words to the world” might have been a counsel or an admonition; the present complement represents an indestructible reality. If mankind will not learn the path of remorse in time, it will have to pass unlimited time in the circle of remorse.



- How can the apoliticalness of the message we have just received be affirmed?


When I said and repeated that it was necessary to intensify the contacts between the opposing sides and intensify the talks, I warned you to do it in such a way as to banish all political discussion.


Discussion must rest on a twofold social point, the financial point and the commercial point, with their relative attendant circumstances; but all this lies beyond any partial political conception, meaning that the purpose is to unite the efforts of all, understood as individuals, to attain the benefit of the masses, of the whole. There is certainly no need to belong to either side, when it is a case of offering a cup of water to a thirsty man; the cup can and must be brought by one or other of the parties to the dispute, for there must be a singleness of purpose supported by humility.


Banish the ideas of power and dominion and may your ideas be solely the current ideas of charity, of succour, of fraternity and of collaboration. He that insists or would like to insist in seeking to express a political and purely sectarian topic, must be first courteously asked to desist and, in case he won’t comply with this request, must be asked to leave since my environment is not devoted to public exhibitions.




[1] From Assisi, 22 May 1952